Series 8 (Viking)

This simple and elegant heater represents our best selling product from year to year, with over 2 million units sold and counting.

With a wide range of thermostats, Nobo Series 8 heater provides several options for satisfying our clients heating, comfort and energy saving requirements. The quality and timeless design reinforces PREMIUM comfort with a lifetime investment in mind. All Series 8 heaters are splash-proof, and we also have kid-safe low-surface temperature versions of these heaters. Nobo’s Series 8 Heater is our most popular and most purchased heater.  Arguably the best electric convector heater in its price class.

The Series 8 heaters are available in 20 and 40cm heights, 500,750,1000,1250,1500 and 2000W.

Not all products necessarily available in all countries. Please contact your local dealer for more information.