• Per Olav Bjørgum

    Per Olav Bjørgum

    Per Olav brings innovation and product design into every Nobo heater. He believes that the most important criteria in a product is the customer's perception of good design and good quality, not just at the moment of purchase, but after several years of use. We must deliver products that are tested and proven, and have components that can handle long term usage. Heaters should be designed so that it is easy and safe to use for everyone.

  • Elin Ausen Idsø

    Elin Ausen Idsøe

    Elin’s passion is interior design and she is the driving force in ensuring design is a key element in all Nobo heaters. Heaters should be viewed as furniture. If they are going to hang on your wall, they have to look appealing and better yet, match your furnishings. She has been designing heaters since 2006 and she wants clients to feel proud about having a Nobo heater in their home. She holds a degree in Industrial Design at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has been an instructor in the Department of Product Design. Elin’s philosophy is that design should be simple and honest. Form, function and content must coexist and tell a common story.